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Handcrafted All Natural Herbal Products

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Shop our Herbs and Spices

Whether you like to make your own herbal remedies or simply appreciate top quality herbs and spices for your culinary creations.

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Especially useful for Naturopaths and other wholistic practitioners who would like custom made herbal products made for their clients.

Custom Herbal Compounding

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Herbal Resources

Read the Herb pages for the science supporting herbal use. Look at our list of herbal schools and what they offer. Looking for a herbalist close to you? Check out the Professional organizations.


Herbal Dispensary Services

Custom herbal compounding for you and your qualified wholistic practitioner. An old world service who’s time has come again. They create the recipe… and we make it for you.


Our Products

We carry a growing variety of Organic, Naturally Raised (without chemicals), and Wild Harvested (responsibly) herbs and spices for you to use in the kitchen or make your own herbal remedies.



Wondering what research has been done on some of the plants? Want to  know where to go to school to become an herbalist? Perhaps you’d like to subscribe to our blog?

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