About Us

About the herbalist

When my children were in high-school I decided it was time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I looked at what I loved to do… help people, gardening, wild edible and medicinal plants, showing people the plants they can use and how, art…

I realized “I want to be an herbalist!”. I think I always have, but just didn’t know it was possible here in Canada.

I signed up for the four year program at Dominion Herbal College (est. 1926). I chose them for several reasons, but among the was that they covered the science behind the plants… in other words, why they worked. I graduated in 2006.

It’s funny. When I started that four year program I thought I would know so much when I finished. What I really learned was how little I know, because herbalism is so vast. You could study one herb all your life and there would still be so more to learn.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that so many people suffer needlessly. They suffer because they don’t know how much herbalism could help them, because they don’t believe in it (they say “it’s all placebo”), or because they struggle to do it on their own. When just a little assistance could help them so much. I want to stop this needless suffering wherever I can!

As THE Herbal Compounding Service in Edmonton we can help make that change! We provide herbal services to individuals, practitioners, and home herbalists. In other words, we help Herbwalkers of all different kinds. Whether you want ingredients and other supplies to make your own herbal products or want them made for you or your clients, we can help.

Advocating for animals

During my time in herbal college I had pets that suffered from health issues. That is when I realized that pets deserve access to herbal healthcare too. Thanks to the combination of conventional veterinary care and my own knowledge of herbs my animals healed up nicely. This experience is why you will find that I have a soft spot for herbal animal care and advocate whenever possible for this. Thankfully more and more herbal veterinarians are turning up.

Credentials and Professional Memberships

  • Elizabeth Walker is a Clinical Herbal Therapist, having graduated from Dominion Herbal College.
  • Registered Herbalist (RH) with the Ontario Herbalists Association
  • Associate Member of the Veterinary botanical Medicine Association (VBMA)