Professional Organizations

Most of these organizations require that it’s members meet certain educational/knowledge requirements in order to be a professional member. Many of them also provide general memberships for those who are interested in herbal medicine.

At the bottom of this page are also some organizations you may be interested in that don’t have educational requirements in order to be a member.

Just click on the organization name below to show the information about them. Clicking on the purple text within the info will link you over to that organization’s web page.

Professional Organizations

Alberta Association of Practicing Herbalists

AAPH – “Established as a functional governing body to form a united voice for all practicing herbalists in the province of Alberta”. They have three levels of membership: Professional Member, Student Member, and Associate Member.

American Herbalists Guild

AHG – Professional members have been accepted by peer review and have at least two years of experience working with clients.

RH – Registered Herbalist. Professional herbalists that are members of the AHG have this designation. Members of the Ontario Herbalists Association also use this designation.

Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations

The CCHA “is a not for profit organization representing associations of herbal practitioners that unifies, promotes and serves herbal practitioners through active communication with government, the public, and between all herbalist associations in Canada.” ~ the CCHA website


Canadian Herbalist Association of British Columbia

CHAofBC – Professional members must have obtained their degree or diploma from a school, institute, or college (Europe or North America) in herbal therapeutics that is recognized by the organization. They must pass an exam that shows their expert herbal knowledge, as well as being subject to peer review.

RHP – This is the designation used by professional members of the CHA of BC.

American College of Veterinary Herbalists

Dipl. ACVH – This is the designation given to Veterinary herbalists who have been given membership in the American College of Veterinary Herbalists. Certified Veterinary Herbalists are automatically eligible for membership in the ACVH.

Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia

HANS – Herbalist Association of nova Scotia. General Memberships as well as Practitioner Memberships are available.

National Herbalists Association of Australia

NHAA – Australia’s oldest professional association of complementary therapy. They include Western herbalists and naturopaths. Founded in 1920. They have different levels of membership, but full membership is for trained herbalists and naturopaths who have met their training requirements in health sciences, western herbal medicine and supervised clinical practice.

National Institute of Medical Herbalists

MNIMH – Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Members must have studied at a qualifying college or school; that includes 500 hours of clinical training, in order to be a member and use this designation. No longer accepting herbalists from colleges outside of the UK.

Ontario Herbalists Association

OHA – Professional members receive the designation of Registered Herbalist (RH). Herbal enthusiasts can be members too, but are not Registered Herbalists.
RH – Registered Herbalist. Professional members of the AHG and the OHA both use this designation.

Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association

VBMA – An organization for veterinarians and herbalists dedicated to safe, effective veterinary herbalism. Veterinarians are full members while non-veterinarians are associate members. Membership requirements for non-veterinarians are very stringent.

CVH – Certified Veterinary Herbalist. This is the designation of a veterinarian that has been certified by the VBMA (Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association).

CVHE – Certified Veterinary Herbal Educator. This is the designation of a non-veterinary herbalist who has been certified by the VBMA (Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association). This is not a license to practice veterinary medicine.

Other Organizations

American Botanical Council

ABC – This is a wonderful resource for science-based herbal news and information. HerbalGram is the Journal of the American Botanical Council, and subscription is available to laymen and professionals.

Healthy Living Therapies Alberta Association

HLTAA – Membership in this association is open to laymen and professionals. A large variety of the holistic therapies are represented by members here.

Natural Health Products Directorate

NHPD – This is the regulating authority for natural health products in Canada.