Cancer – study suggests that ginkgo may be useful for anti-tumour effects. The study showed cell shrinkage and anti-oxidant action.  This in vitro study demonstrated the dose dependent suppression of the proliferation of cells. (Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2007 May;100(5):302-7)
More support that Ginkgo may be beneficial for cancer. In this case, ovarian cancer. This small study showed anti-proliferative effects on serous ovarian cancer cells. (Cancer Lett. 2007 Jun 18;251(1):43-52)


Cardiovascular health – a small study involving 80 patients with coronary artery disease demonstrated that Ginkgo biloba extract in these patients lead to increased blood flow. (Planta Med. 2007 Jun;73(7):624-8 Authors: Wu Y, Li S, Cui W, Zu X, Wang F, Du J)


Dementia – Ginkgo extract was found to improve dementia symptoms, both behavioural and psychological. (ArzneimForschDrugRes. 2007;57(1):4-11)


Interactions – this double blind, placebo controlled study showed that Ginkgo extract combined with aspirin did not have any clinical impact, nor did it show statistical impact on coagulation over the four weeks of the study. (Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis. Dec 2007;18(8):787-793.)


“Significant improvement” in size and spread of lesions. This was an open label clinical study. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2011;11:21