The Boreal Herbal

Your new favourite herbal book! Why will The Boreal Herbal be your favourite? It’s packed full of so much easy, useable information! I just love thumbing through it and looking at all the colour photographs of the plants and the things you can do with them. If you’re just starting out in using herbs then

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Spring Cleaning a.k.a. Detoxing

spring-flower-and-snow - public domain

Four ingredients for “cleaning house” Spring is less than a month away, and with the unusually warm weather we’ve been having it’s almost believable. Usually with spring you hear about things like “spring cleaning”. If you are familiar with the wholistic crowd you may also hear about doing spring cleanses, fasting, or “detoxifying”. After all,

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Heart Healthy Hawthorne

Various Crataegus species

Hawthorne (Crataegus spp.) hasn’t been the subject of modern studies to the extent that one might expect, but the more it is the more it reveals that the traditional reasons for using it are spot on. Traditionally it (esp. C. oxycanthoides) has been used for congestive heart failure, to promote healthy blood vessels, hypertension, palpitations,

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Drying your own Comfrey Leaves

2014-07-06 10.57.33

Drying herbs for later use is an age old practice. At the most basic all you have to do is gather the plants and hang them up somewhere to dry. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of old apothecaries or museums where they show plants hanging in bunches from the ceiling. Perhaps you’ve dried some plants yourself.

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Marvelous Milk Thistle


This popular herb can be a little confusing. It has several common names, such as Milk Thistle, Marian Thistle and St Mary’s Thistle; and it also has more than one scientific name, for example, Carduus marianum and Silybum marianum. To make matters worse sometimes supplements are labeled as Silymarin, which can either be a whole

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