Herbal Facial – Moisturizing – part 7 of 7

This is where you want to provide moisture and protection to your skin after drawing stuff out of it. Be sure to apply it gently.

You’ve given yourself an all natural facial so please make sure your moisturizer is also without toxins.

Some people like to use oils such as coconut, jojoba, and others. For some this is too greasy. I prefer a nice light cream, which, at its most basic, is made by emulsifying oils and water. A cream provides the nice balance of moisture and protection with its balance of water and oil.

You may want to make your own cream. There are many recipes out there on the internet and in books. Just be aware that these all natural creams are made without preservatives, so its best if they are kept in the fridge. If you make yours with herbal teas they will usually go bad that much faster. they are made from real, natural ingredients from nature… and mother nature likes to recycle… to break things down… so that they can be reused in another form. Also, many of the recipes I’ve tried from these sources have a tendency to separate (water from oil) at varying rates. So be prepared to stir them with a clean utensil once in a while.

Of course you can also buy your moisturizing cream. You can get some nice, plain, unscented types that you can add your chosen essential oils or tinctures to. Essential oils and tinctures make a nice choice for this because of their concentrated nature. It only takes a few drops to do so much, and doesn’t upset the consistency of the cream as easily as would hydrosols and infusions.

The Herbwalker’s Apothecary carries some nice, light, skin creams that are all natural and may suit your needs too.

Now, go out and show your healthy, glowing, wonderful feeling skin!


NOTE: After a facial like this your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight. Please protect yourself by wearing a broad brimmed hat if you plan to go out in the sun.

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