Treat Yourself With a Luxurious Herbal Facial – part 1 of 7

Getting a luxurious facial doesn’t have to be expensive… or full of unwanted toxins. You can do it for yourself quite easily.

For the next two weeks, and six blog posts (7 if you include this one), you will be taken through the steps of doing a natural luxurious herbal facial and some of the reasons behind these steps. The herbs and other natural ingredients, much of it found in the kitchen or garden, can be a less costly and healthier way to go. It’s easy to do it for yourself. All you need is to take some time to spoil yourself.

So, the first ingredients you will need are:

  • Time to look after yourself – After all, you deserve it! Set aside an hour or more to do a facial.
  • A little adventurousness -This is really helpful when trying new things and coming up with new ways to use plants.

During this series of blog articles various herbs and other natural materials will be suggested, but feel free to be adventurous and try some of your favourite herbs, hydrosols, essential oils, etc. and see how they work for you.

With that, just stay tuned for the next blog post.

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