Herbal Facial – Steaming – part 4 of 7

Steaming is done to open the pores so toxins can come out and nutrients can go in.

Probably the easiest way to do this step is to steam the way some of us were taught to do for a common cold. Get a large bowl, some hot water, and a towel. Put your face over the bowl of hot water and the towel over your head and bowl (kind of like a tent) to hold in all the steam.

Be careful! It’s easy to burn your face this way if you’re not careful.

Herbally, this is where you can really start to play! There are so many wonderful choices of plants and flowers that benefit the skin (and respiratory system). Need some ideas to get you started? Try these:
Calendula – great for problem skin
Chamomile – gentle, soothing, and great for problem skin
Lavender – another calming… and wonderful smelling flower
Rose – wonderful for aging skin
Peppermint – invigorating
Lemon Balm – calming, soothing, anti microbial
Lemon – refreshing, detoxifying

See what feels right for your skin… and your mood.

If the above method for steaming isn’t an option for some reason, you can just make a tea with your chosen plant material. Then soak clean facecloth(s) in it and place those on your face for a while. Make sure that you don’t let them go cold because we want to open the pores at this stage not close them.

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